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        服務熱線:0539-8854621/ 8854621


        CopyRight ? 臨沂偉光工貿有限公司 All Rights Rserved.                                                                                               

        手機:13869976559/ 15053980444


        傳真:0539-8854621  網址:http://www.slddzb.cn   Email:lyweiguang@163.com






          Linyi Weiguang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Fenghuangling Street Office Industrial Park, Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone, and is an industry and trade enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales. We have made many kinds of precision accessories for luxury indoor door lock, multi-linkage anti-theft door locks and intelligent lock IC card locks, and now we mainly produce garden machinery, plant protection machinery, gasoline engines, two - impact and four-impact silencers, low-emission environment-friendly silencers, transition discs, passive discs, machine assemblies, cutting blades, clutches and other accessories and small-scale construction machinery related accessories. 
          The factory covers an area of nearly 30000㎡, with more than 200 employees, mature design, technology, research and development personnel, various testing and processing equipment, and a sound quality assurance system. It has long-term supporting production and supply with many large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, cooperating with each other to develop new products and jointly open up the market for mutual benefit. We operate in good faith and serve our customers wholeheartedly. Customer's needs are our work. Customer satisfaction is our eternal working attitude and service concept. We are willing to join hands with new and old customers to jointly build a corporate destiny community, walk together hand in hand and stride forward together for a better future.
          Junquan Zhang, general manager of Linyi weiguang industry and trade co., ltd, and all the staff warmly welcome customers to come and guide.
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